Saturday, November 29, 2008

India-The Falling

Am sure we all have had seen enough of the India Shining in our pasts and we hated it so much that we couldn't believe it, we couldn't stand it and we doubted how is it possible? Don't you know this is India? Don't you see this is us? We don't shine. And without a mistake we were right.

Again, i know something you ought to doubt. You have got to doubt why is our country so unstable now? Why it isn't claiming its shine anymore? What it could possibly be beyond the reach of a government of over a billion people? Well directly or indirectly they may say its terrorism, you may say its inflation but i know something that is in their reach 24/7 and that is our minds.
Believe it or not Governments controls our mind with a number of its weapons and the most lethal being the media. We are being brain washed with all the rubbish everyday. And even when the situations are worse they say bold lettered UNDER CONTROL. We get to read and listen so much of it that we start to believe that might be it is. That may be you will not find a bomb when you will go to your very own markets to buy clothes. I ask how can you be so sure of it? I ask what is it that is under control? No, i demand what is it that is under control?

There are no jobs, prices are sky rocketing, education system at its worse, children are dying everyday out of diseases and to make it worse we are all living at gun points now and so uncertain of every dustbin in the market. Few years back, i remember, i was walking down the streets in Bastar in Chattisgarh and there by the chauraha i saw two naxalites, with guns, moving freely. It scared the hell out of me. Now it really hard for me to believe that the government of a billion people could not have stopped it happening.

In my home town, in my village, in the capital of the largest democracy ever i see people begging for food. In my country i see intellect being insulted by telling them that you are reserved because you can't work hard enough. I see the politicians arousing the doctors to fight them and then blame that the patient died because they don't care for them. I see children still suffering from polio and my country being compared to some African nation. I see my brothers wounded in the bomb blasts and crying for help. I see farmers dying out of hunger and debt. I see bureaucrats signing nuclear deal and then convincing people everyday that this is something important to the common man. Not whether he will have food tomorrow or not but whether he will have enough electricity 20 years later or not. And there in the crowd i see myself, one of you, standing in disbelief that this all is happening to me. I don't care about 20 years god damn it. I care whether i'll be alive tomorrow. I care whether i will get equal oppourtunities tomorrow. I care whether i''ll be healthy tomorrow.

I doubt that government couldn't have taken care of all this. I doubt that it is beyond their reach. I doubt that this much of time was not enough.