Sunday, February 27, 2011

Distorted Minds

I view development in the form of revolutions. I don't have to take all of them individually to study their effects, i just need to see the bigger ones which are and have changed the world. I see them in the order Renaissance, Industrial revolution and then what i call Commercial revolution or you may also call it monetary revolution for clarity.

Renaissance was a creative revolution, it brought art, music, love, sensuality in the world. It showed us how beautiful things are. It gave artist oppourtunity to establish the value of his work.
But soon this was analysed by a few smart people who found a flavour in machines and within 100 years of end of renaissance, they turned these artists into proletaraits. Making them miserable and dependent on factories.

First of all i don't understand how a cultural movement could ever to come to an end?
Aren't we evolving anymore? Don't human societies and cultures change with time constantly influencing and learning from each other? If yes, how could you say that the period ended?

The problem with the society is that they are easy led. An individual mind is harder to bend but to bend the thought of masses, it just needs political statements on news. And we start believing them as truth without giving back a thought.

The industrial revolution made life of independent self-employed skilled people miserable. Then came the concept of jobs. Over a period of time these jobs were divided into fields and professions and universities and colleges were extensively set up to pursue these fields of sciences and engineering for producing better workers. And they did a good job at it. Industries grew to unprecedented extent with the help of technology.

New jobs were born, consumption was increased and then came the Commercial Revolution. People got focused on money. All the ever wanted to do was to earn more money. Some by working in the industries, some by investing in new areas and it all required consumption to be increased continually else everything will start falling apart.

Intelligent people were sent to market but with a different mindset this time. There was a time, you should ask from your father or grandfather, that they went to university to study. They had a passion for it. They would cross flooded streets and bad terrains to get the knowledge. Thats precisely what knowledge was meant to be for. But now the mindset has changed. You go to a good university, you earn more.
And the whole focus changed. Soon we would find more people who would not connect their knowledge with their work. More dissatisfied people hating their jobs. Almost everyone says they hate their jobs even if it pays them well. What does it all mean?

We are misled. These corporates earn profits by rendering us into confusion whole of our lives are spent thinking whether we could have done it differently? Would it have been a better thing?
These corporates made life easy by reducing risks for us but making us dependent.
Freedom of thought, if you know, come only with a cost and its the cost of risk.

What i am trying to say? What is my point?

Its straight forward. I can't see money as my motive for life. If want to be a writer, i will be a writer. Remember great people always say, pay attention to you work and do only that which you love to. And they are right. But don't we listen and ignore it after a few days.
How could so many people in the world are engineers and doctors and in finances?
Are there fields the only sustaining fields on earth? Where did the arts and philosophy go?
Where is the class and discipline of original thought?
Don't you think we need a new form of renaissance, a revolution bound around creativity and technology rather than profits. Don't you think this world has taken a wrong turn somewhere in the middle? Don't you think we have become so socially isolated that someday we might forget how actual human interaction feels like? Don't you think that our education should contribute value to our understanding of the world.

I would ask all of you to back and start reading the books of middle school and you would be amazed how much useful things are taught there. Why isn't it continued throughout?
Is it because of jobs? Is it because of money? Is it everything?


  1. you have put forth the whole issue that people of our generation is facing.....the love, the passion for a particular field is lost somewhere and what remains is nothing but frustration.
    Due credit is given to corporates for making our lives hell....the fact that I hadn't been able to get a sound sleep since I left college affirmatively supports my statement.
    Every day, each hour I think and ask my inner self - what the F I am doing....but there is no one to help me out.
    To the question that you asked at the end, I would say it is because of the expectations and the peer pressure that made us do what we are doing!!!!!

  2. I totally agree with you Nahata. Expectations and peer pressure is taking a toll on us.

  3. U know boy, you are too young and you have realised it too soon. But as a person who has seen enough of life, I will just say one thing 'Go where your love takes you'.

  4. great article...

    we're new generation altogether... revolution, don't know about it, but rebel... there will be! :)

    check this one out, one of the most influential things I ever read...

  5. Thanks for reading. I don't think I agree with the rebel concepts. It is more of a style statement now rather than just a change. Anyways words don't matter much if you know what I mean.
    Anyways nice link to read. Thanks again!