Monday, December 1, 2008

Me, Steve Jobs and The Legends

Today i had a discussion, with my friend Prateek, concerned with the people i admire. Out of fourteen odd names the one that clicked me was Steve Jobs- the CEO of Apple Corp.

The question forth me was, why do i admire him?
The simple answer was because of his achievements and struggle that he had successfully faced in life without letting himself down. But that's everyone's reason and it simply did not seem enough. What if he is just one lucky guy in this world? What if everything just happened to be right for him when for other billion's not? In such a case, would i make him a hero? or should i?

The question got even bigger now. Can i trust my hero? Is it safe to assume that whatever he says is true? that if he has made his fortune by digging i-pods, following his teachings will make me Steve Jobs too? Well, no.

Going by how people's mind work, everyone who makes it big becomes a legend in their eyes when in fact it might have been just a result of serendipitous fall of events and nothing more. Or it could have been the work of sheer luck. When i put a little more thought, it makes perfect sense. In the past all of us, at different levels, have been the heroes of something and we had our own group of followers who would trust no one but us, who would ask no one but us, who would listen no one but us. We were their role models. We were Steve Jobs for them. But how many of them are successful this day because of us? And the most important thing is, did we ever really knew the right thing to say to them? Isn't it possible that we might have mislead more people that not? All of this is possible and with that the question gets even bigger.

Who is my hero?
There is no hero. Lets say that most of the great people born on the earth simply happened to be great not by work but by chance. If you can believe it's possible then in that case the personal experiences of these legends and their biographies make no sense because everything was a work of luck and so all the golden words these legends spoke of render meaningless. And so its ridiculous to make their life our law. So when this guy says that, do your work believing that the dots will somehow connect in future, why should i believe that? If i make four dots on a white sheet of paper what is the probability that a painter will make a beautiful painting out of it? 100 pc. But what is the probability that i will make a painting out of it? zero pc. So why should i believe that i can do anything assuming that the dots will connect in future? I shouldn't. I shouldn't follow what he says. I should think listen to myself and follow what i believe is right for me. I should be my leader. I should be my hero because i know myself better than that man with jobs even in his name!

Now, anyone can say that this bullshit is based on the assumption that the idols we know, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Gandhi, the Google people etc were born with good luck but my argument is even more simple. The life stories of these people are going to be amongst the most amazing stories you are ever probably going to listen in your lifetime but if someone become Che Guevara by roaming in the continent, it does not mean that by doing the same you will become one too.


  1. dude i agree with you , but again one has to realize that everyone doesn't and can't becomes one's own hero , it depends on their own will power , which by the way is not bestowed upon everyone in equal proportions :) ... one can become che but in these times one will have to work much more harder than he did at that time :)
    anyways as i always say "hope floats" ::fingers crossed::

  2. Lotus should not be asked to be a rose... both are unique, both are beautiful in their own way... That's not all, a cactus has its own beauty and its simply senseless to compare them. Similarly all individuals are unique and unlike the "norms of the society" they should not be compared and more importantly never be imitated. Cactus grows only in the desert, rose in gardens... and similarly every individual has a different life story, unique... Nobody should try to be Buddha or Gandhi, one should always try to be the best of just himself... and what is the best for oneself, what's the passion, what is the buddhahood in him, is the first biggest adventure of man.. much more important than going to a good college, having a great resume, or a great job, or being a superstar... as not all are not made for it... unlike what the society assumes. Lotus will only kill itself if it tries to grow in the garden like a rose... and so would rose, if it tries to grow in the desert...

    Secondly, great life stories are not made out of luck... but out of passion. People without passion, may reach the desired destination, but will always feel to be living life in a desert... not finding the oasis...And luck always comes along when one is burnt with passion...

    So go Abhay, chase your passion, and write your own extraordinary story!!!

  3. Have you watched "The Secret", its a great movie... and I love it!!! But don't see it with the eyes of a philosophical commentator, will ruin it.

  4. I might start similarly. As once i had discussion with my friend Prateek on a similar topic.
    These great people once dreamed, they dreamed big. Based on it they formed a vision for themselves. and then they could only see their vision. and with that they ran. they ran on new paths.
    I believe if you want to follow a hero (it might within you or somebody) do not follow their path. But learn how they chose or rather how they made their own path. That is the way to follow your hero.
    I do agree with you on the point that one has to learn himself, he has to discover his own hero within himself because that is what is going to be with him forever. and other heroes like you mentioned Jobs, Gates, Superman, etc. may come and go. Ultimately the hero within you is going to give you faith and much more.
    & Sorry I am not good at expressing in words :)

  5. @hitu
    to be practical in our world its true that not everyone can be ones own hero but i am wondering what if everyone is ones own hero. wouldn't that world be more diverse with variegated colors...wouldn't it be beautiful?
    in the info tech we are more powerful than we ever were and there is nothing like working hard to become che you have to have something in your mind and the passion to do it.

  6. @Prateek Raj
    Well prateek i agree that most stories are made out of passion and not luck but some of them are so dramatic that its really hard to believe them. but offcourse i believe that the harder you work the luckier you get.

  7. @Sush
    sometimes i think what if there is no big vision but people just do things and when they get big they start calling it a vision. i mean today if i start writing for fun and become jk rowling someday people would like to know how i did it...and then i would not be able to say that it was all rubbish...i will have a burden to say some big words.isn't it?