Friday, December 12, 2008

The Fraud of God and Religion

When I was a kid I watched the great Hindu epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata, I saw the movies on Christ and I also got the chance to learn about different religions and gods from time to time. Back then world was too big to me to understand. But these gods definitely left their impact on me. Usually I do not question things but if some guy claims to have extraordinary and unbelievable powers so much so that he can stop the time, die and resurrect, turn cursed human beings from stones, and can bring rain at his whim, then I’ve got to question that man. And I have got to question the authority and institution that supports it.

When I think of Superman and any God say Krishna. I see they both do good work, they both want welfare of people and they both use extraordinary powers for the good and against the evil. The differences are that the institution that supports Superman is not as big as Krishna's, hence the followers are less and most importantly superman is not old enough to be the God. My point is Krishna was a Superman of his age and had a strong following, who liked his funny acts, but ultimately he is a product of fiction and nothing more. Why can't people see that these gods are just too much to be real?

Today religion stands as the most corrupt organization in the world. In India British set the example of how handful men can rule the entire nation divide and rule. Religions did exactly the same. When the kings had understood that the people cannot be divided easily against his atrocities, they through politicians established the organizations called religion and a leader of the same known as God. It was a gamble but it worked, all over the world, very well. So well that the people of one religion do not deny the existence of other gods and they believe that there are all but the same and one. But then they kill people in the name of the same religion. Religions are paradoxical in practice and ridiculous in themselves.

Religions make people insecure, dependent and weak. No religion ever sets anyone free because there is always some guy with the hold of rope against your neck. Who is God to tell you what is right or wrong? How does he know what is right or wrong? He has got extraordinary powers and can bend any reality into illusion and any illusion into reality. How can I trust him when he says this is right and this is wrong? This is all his game, how do I know he is not playing a trick against me or that he is not lying? If there is any god in any religion then he is the most corrupt, selfish and cynic person in the world because he has got all the power and he can do anything with it and you will never know.

One more interesting thing about gods is that no god of the east ever went to the west to help out the people there and neither did any god of the west is known to have come to the east. So a god who is omnipresent, can see everything and walks with you 24/7 loves regionalism or may be he was a racist. Or may be he was simply a human being projected deliberately and thus having a limited so called kingdom.

Sometimes I laugh when people talk about science and god and how they both are contradictory. I wonder if there was a god then why he never did works of science? Why he couldn’t have just stood and passed over the technology of computers in his speeches? Why he didn’t teach us relativity? God knew everything and, as we all know, he was very kind so when he landed on earth why he didn’t tell that one there will be deadly diseases like cancer and aids and then you must take so and so medicine to cure it.
Why God always had to be born with a book of morals and principles?

The idea of god has to do more with politics, greed, slavery, violence and imperialism than with anything else and each one of us needs to know about it.


  1. You have to careful when you are going to compare or mention two character's names separated by an 'and'.
    Superman is a hero and no doubt Krishna is treated like a hero, he did heroic deeds as mentioned in the epic, but he has been given the image of a God not a superhero. There is a big difference between. (Remember- GOD: Creator Destroyer And Preserver). God sets all the protocols as how things would work, how the things will turn out in the future. And when a character takes an image of God, all these responsibilities automatically placed upon.
    Its like comparing Sardar to Slomo. ;)

  2. I agree with you completely when you said, "religion stands as the most corrupt organization in the world".
    You have said a lot in your article. You could have easily written three posts out of this single one.
    the question could have been, "What is God?".
    If only one knew the true reason for a religion.
    Now people may use religion for non-sense reason. "Chalo velle baithe hain, bhagvan ka naam le lete hain, koi fayeda hi hoga nuksaan toh nahi, swarg mil jaega". And I have seen a lot of grown ups with this attitude.
    For many people its a way of setting a routine or discipline in their lives. For instance getting up early and taking a bath everyday before early morning prayer.
    'Kaafi logon ko toh yehi lagta hai ki agar mann se bhagawan ka naam lo ge toh icha poori' Now thats bullshit they should say conditions apply. Its just you have to hope for good and not keep begging for good.
    yaar kya sochte rehte ho itna, eat drnk, smke, mstrbte, njoi.. :)

  3. you speak my mind out slomo... kudos to u. keep up the good work.
    lol@ sardar

  4. There is a big difference between "dharma" and "mazhab". I believe I have talked about this with you before.

    Dharma comes with no conditions. It is everyone's self chosen path towards evolution(it's not exactly that but for this comment take this).

    "Mazhab" or religion comes with a condition. You are supposed to follow some senseless beliefs. Prophet Muhammed was the last prophet, Christ is God's son etc, etc...

    In general religions are packaged ways of life, plus belief systems... Where on one hand the ways of life are spiritual ready made tools... the beliefs are surely political methods for influencing people.

    I critique and oppose the belief part, but harsh criticism should be refrained when talking about the spiritual, "way of life" part.

    They are like branded clothes. Some people find it easy to buy it, go in a good store and pick one. Some other's prefer to get their own clothes tailor made, as it requires more effort.

    Both take to higher levels of consciousness... depending on person to person.

    But sadly very few get hold of the spiritual aspect. Most of the people are interested in the ideas like "Ram Janma Bhoomi" and "Islamic rule"... living all their life around the beliefs, ruining themselves...and that's why religion becomes the world's biggest evil.

    Shunning all the beliefs is very important... and religion...a business of beliefs.

  5. Check this post... something like what you wrote.

  6. @Sush
    I think you are missing the point...what i am saying is that the epic that we have is nothing but a fiction, a fraud. From what i have experienced in my life is that there is no god. to me he is just a character as funny as shaktimaan.

  7. @ kedia
    yo buddy...i know your heart right :)

  8. @prateek
    see am not opposed to spiritual beliefs and one of the reason is that it talks about awakening yourself to the talks about your connection with the talks about higher levels of consciousness. it doesnt talk about the rubbish god thing. our world would be much better if we could just leave those books and gods behind and be spiritual instead of being religious.
    i agree with what you have said.
    thanks :)

  9. The institution of god as such is very questionable, and as u said its work of fiction, but the exact origin of how it came into existence is not certain.
    I mean may be that have been quoted for them is exagarated but some how there are things that do point they existed, the krishna janma bhumi, the birth place of christ and all.
    on the other hand the person to all these fiction were very clever that they made these places to exist.
    i mean i read this novel by dan brown or some one and i rad about this hotel in paris, so i know this hotel through dan brown, but i have never been there, so it may exist, what i am pointing is that may be this pre-historic people did go to some place and mentioned it in their novel.

    But at personal level having faith in somethig that u dont know if its there or not is not bad, cause some times when we loose confidence then its the only thing that i remember cause i believe that thing wont loose. superman was suceptible to kryptonite, as we are to many things on earth, and then something foreign may induce power in us, i guess its not bad.

  10. @ Avinash
    You got me totally. I just somehow believe that rather than putting faith on something which we are not so sure about, we should put faith in ourself and that would make us much more powerful, wise and daring than we ever were.

  11. i had always believed in god ... untill i realised the thing, wat you wrote about in this one, long time back ... everybody doesnt realize it becos there are certain people ... powers ... institutions which counter that ... i know ... i dont belive in the concept either ...
    but you have to realize that this realization is not as simple as you think it is ... i dunno how you realized it .. may be you are smart enough ... i realized ... well , u know how ... but there are people who believe and always will in this institution , not becos they cannot be made aware of this fraud ... many of them might as well know of this fraud ... but their existence , the teachings they got since their childhood will seize to exist ... so people unlike us will never leave the idea of this institution becos they have nothing to fall back upon ... its like me and you have created an invisible bungy jumping cord ... we can see it but they cant ... so they are afraid to jump ...
    i dont believe in him ... i never even enter a temple , just becos either i'll have to pay my regards (which is against my thinking) or i will have to avoid the rituals (which is not acceptable by public) ... so either way i feel uncomfortable ... so i avoid it ...

    in the nut shell i would say that me and you and us all alike , dont believe in wat we cant see, touch, question ... but our numbers just not be enough to counter the whole world ... analogically we are "the zionists" and well, the institution of religion is "the machines" :) , matrix baby :)

  12. @Hitu
    i, quite, agree with you and the analogy is a good one :)