Friday, December 12, 2008

Beyond The Seen

A gentle push, distinctive noises breaking the silence of air, one confident breath, thrust, flare and click! This is all it takes to capture the world in pulp. Simple it sounds, profound it is.

Literally speaking, a photograph is nothing but a representation of person, place, scene or thing in a convenient form-print, digital or slide-with the help of a device called camera. But beneath those dead frames of exaggerated reality lies a whole breathing world. Ever fresh and alive! What we know in our very familiar words as, memories. Our memories, their memories and the memories of the world itself! For most of the people photographs are a way to peek into their own past and watch them selves in times-happy, sad or fun. But more often than not photographs become impersonal objects depicting everything from a leaf falling off the tree to the smile of the beloved ones, who we don’t even know but can somehow connect very well through this medium. When we go on a trip, we keep capturing the roads, trees, skies, flowers, mountains, houses and people because somewhere on the back of our minds we know that this world and this time is not going to last in our lives for long and we all are subconsciously attached to it and want to keep a piece of it safe in our heart, in our memories-the face of the world, as it was, beautiful, pure and pacific.

For me photographs are like adventure trips where you can not only discover the object under focus but you can also enjoy the thrills of the vicinity. For me they are the stills showing the change in the world. For me they are like personal feelings in shared spaces. For me they are like little secrets kept in a stash. And sometimes, on rare occasions, they are a mystery with an aura of their own. It is something originated beyond the camera, photographer, films and lights. It is an idea consciously provoked, unconsciously originated or subconsciously present in the mind of the photographer. And it is the beauty of this very thought that keeps me lingering to them.

Photography has brought a revolution in the world and with time it has, silently, got so ingrained in every ones life that we seldom think and talk about it. But that photograph with a little emotion and thought behind it is certainly the most amazing thing you have had in your hands. It is like diving into the past and coming out alive in a moment, kept, so perfectly safe and intact to its very essence, for ever.


  1. Very well written, indeed…. The choice of words, the vivid description….

    Indeed photography is one of the greatest revolutions of modern times. It is hard to imagine life without photographs. It’s the power of capturing the moments, and these moments make this world. A living example is the picture “The Unknown Man”…

  2. great article. nicely written.
    I do feel a photograph can be seen as a form of art and people, photographers can express themselves through their artwork. just like a musician’s piece, dancer’s performance or a painter’s painting, photograph is an expression of an artist.

  3. @Prateek
    thanks a lot. you've always been helpful.

    Now this is an article concerned with you the most so i expect some critique as well.