Monday, December 15, 2008

The Secret-A Documentary

I watched the documentary- "The Secret" and I was literally taken aback by the revelations. The assertions within the documentary are not only scientifically correct but also support the spiritual beliefs. And to me this is really important because it provides a link between the objective world and the subjective world.

It must have happened with many of us that sometimes the song that we are humming, we suddenly find, someone else starts singing. Now I would always wonder why is it so? And it happened so many times that it frustrated me because whenever I was humming my favorite song and wanted to sing it loud I would realize someone else doing the same.

One of the greatest findings of 20th century explains this by demonstrating that all our thoughts are associated with unique frequencies at which they are transmitted in the universe. Now lets say am transmitting the thought of singing 'stairway to heaven' in the universe then am acting as a transmitter and there is a chance that someone is able to receive this frequency, decode the thought in its brain and without knowing what actually happened start singing the same song. This person becomes the acceptor. So in this way all the brains in the world become transmitter-receiver sets and by default we are always tuned into some frequency-a state which we refer to as mood. We can always change this mood by transmitting a different frequency or thought. Now the documentary says that the kind of thoughts I emit attracts the same kind of things to me. In science we know similar thing-frequencies with same phase interfere constructively and hence enhancing the combined effect. The same thing happens with the thoughts as well. As we know that feelings can generate thoughts (and vice-versa) so if I feel happy, I attract more happiness. If I feel wealthy, I attract more wealth. And so on. They call this phenomenon as the law of attraction i.e. like things attracts each other. This is one of the reasons why we find groups in the society. Groups of rich, poor, happy, sad etc. So it's really up to us what we want to attract and to get it just grab the opportunities which will also be attracted in the same way.

Today many, many scientific theories explain these phenomenons. Three, that am familiar with are wave-particle duality, the quantum mechanics and the mass-energy conversion. The Einstein's theory claims that all the matter in the universe in convertible into energy or we can simply say that matter is a form of energy. And according to the first two theories, there is no limit or boundary of matter. They in the form of waves can just travel anywhere and interfere with anything. Now this means that our bodies are sources of infinite energy free to roam and affect anything, reaffirming what the documentary says. Since all these lumps of energy continuously interact with each other, they act as one single system or one energy. And a system fighting itself is doomed to fail.

In real life it’s hard to believe that we are limitless, that we are infinitely powerful, that we are omnipresent, that we are the god and that we are one because right from our birth we are taught about limitations and boundaries. We are told that we are weak, that there are strings controlling our actions, that there are empirical rules to follow and all the rubbish. Now am not asking you to believe anything blindly but let us just sit and give a little thought to it. Lets just ponder if it is possible.


  1. do u believe in da existence of any boundaries??...i dont.

  2. Neither do I. Boundaries are mere creation of mankind but in reality there is no separation or distinction between any two entities.